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Or how using a method to measure my work helped me learn that I don’t suck as much.

What is Pomodoro?

Pomodoro is a technique where you are going to use a timer to better plan and control your time while making sure you take time to cool off.

You can read more extensively on the original paper here, it will explain where the idea came from and how to do…

Originalmente publicado em inglês, eu traduzi um dos meus artigos mais lidos:

Python é uma das linguagens mais fáceis de se aprender, e bem divertida até mesmo para crianças e jovens que estão começando a praticar programação, e esse é um projeto bem fácil e intuitivo para começar.

Turtle (tradução…

As a new developer from a Bootcamp, it is easy to get used to simply using the built-in sorting methods in the language, or simply using linear search to anything else.

But since I left school, I had to learn more about algorithms and how machines, memory and well, development…

As someone that started my developer career learning Ruby and later learned Python, I first started with Object-Oriented Programming and was briefly introduced to functional programming.

When I first start learning Hooks on React, is when I had to learn the difference between these two programming paradigms, and while there…

With a non-descriptive title, this is a tutorial in how to make a simple Python application that recognizes your voice and transform it in text, with this set up you can build a lot of cool things and it is fairly simple.

We are going to use speech_recognition library to…

Python is a very friendly language, and it can be very entertaining even for young learners to use, so a good way to make your niece or nephew started on coding is by doing a project that is both easy to set and fun to use.

Turtle was specially created…

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