Interested in everything, writing about tech


  • Alessandro Lepri

    Alessandro Lepri

    Coding has taught me a valuable lesson: to stay curious and keep a lifelong learning approach to anything I do.

  • Bhargav


  • Paul Aleksis

    Paul Aleksis

    Junior Data Scientist| Passionate about using data for social good.

  • Renata Colasurdo

    Renata Colasurdo

    UX Designer / Welcome to connect with me on LinkedIn:

  • Harriet Bicknell

    Harriet Bicknell

    Full-Stack Software Engineer In-The-Making

  • Jithin raJ

    Jithin raJ

    In love with life, people, places & all things tech. Volunteer at @rhythmofnation.

  • Bryan Healey

    Bryan Healey

    CTO at Aiera

  • Constantin Lungu

    Constantin Lungu

    Software Engineer with a focus on Analytics — Data Engineering, Data Science & Business Intelligence

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