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  • JimSpark


    Make great things with raspberry pi. Write stuff about Crypto (Or whatever I want really…)

  • Erin Fox

    Erin Fox

    Software Engineer.

  • Aleksandar Gakovic

    Aleksandar Gakovic

    Practicing Data Scientist. Interested in Games, Gamification, Ocean Sciences, Music, Biology.

  • CS50


    Harvard University’s introduction to the intellectual enterprises of computer science and the art of programming.

  • Harriet Bicknell

    Harriet Bicknell

    Full-Stack Software Engineer In-The-Making

  • JH


    📍 London — Software Engineer @Expedia | Traveler | Thinker

  • Renée Cruz

    Renée Cruz

    Full-Stack Web Developer | Software Engineer && Musician https://reneecruz.github.io

  • Vladimir Novick

    Vladimir Novick

    Software architect & consultant, worldwide speaker, published author, workshop instructor, https://vnovick.com

  • Ana Robalo

    Ana Robalo

    Currently learning about code

  • Lope Ariyo

    Lope Ariyo

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